Updates of Grade 3D


The new session began with a fun filled web game activity which encouraged the students to get to know each other. They were taken on a tour of the secondary building and were encouraged to come up with suggestions toward setting up a conducive learning environment in class that would promote lively discussions and collaborative work. The students were also introduced by the facilitator to the current Transdisciplinary Theme. After a gallery walk, they were made aware of planet Earth and discussed continents, oceans, countries, landforms and more. The eager inquirers were then introduced to Pangea and tectonic plates through some informative videos. The students then progressed from Pangea to the continents of today through a power point presentation where they were encouraged to identify and label the different land masses on a world map. They were then divided into teams and their research on landforms was presented to their peers.



The session began with an engrossing team bonding activity followed by an exciting secret number game. Students understood place value in a better way through manipulatives like golden beads, cards and mat. The ‘Place Value Bingo’ activity was a highlight for the students as they wrote their individualized numbers on a Bingo card. The excitement was palpable as the facilitator gave the children clues about the numbers that had to be cut out.
The class discussed different ways to show or write numbers and proceeded to write the standard form, word form and expanded forms of various numbers in their journals. The students recapped face value, place value, odd and even numbers and were keen to learn about the successors and predecessors of the numbers as well.


The students were eager to get to know their new classmates through an interesting team bonding game. A brainstorming session took place between the students and facilitators on the Essential Agreements that would serve as the building blocks of structure and norms in the classroom. They also set apart some time to reflect on their own personal goals which they would like to work towards in the coming year.
Students revisited the attributes of Learner Profiles through the story ‘O Trip to Planet Earth’. They comprehended the story and identified the Learner Profiles that were being displayed by the main characters of the story. The students read an interesting story called ‘The Earth’ and listed some facts that they had learned.
Students also enjoyed weaving meaningful sentences in their journals using nouns, adjectives and prepositions through a challenging game. Upon reading an insightful poem, the students showed their creativity by creating a visual image. They were also excited to learn about the different kinds of nouns through a game with their partners.




During their Hindi lessons, students watched a video ‘सब्ज़ीवाले का सपना’ and identified the associated Learner Profile in the story which led to a lively discussion in the class. They enhanced their thinking and communication skills through this activity. Students revised all the ‘swar and vyanjans’ and made their own word wall in Hindi class.

Hindi ab-initio

In an effort to enhance their reading skills, the students read a Hindi story ‘Billee ke Bachche’. Their speaking skills developed as they learned a few words from  ‘ba’,’sa’,’na’,’la’ akshar. In order to improve their writing they wrote  ‘ba’,’sa’,’na’,’la’ akshar. They also identified the names of fruits and vegetables. A Hindi story ‘Haathee aur darzee’ was read to develop their listening and speaking skills.


Students were taught different salutations in French through the game ‘Jeu de 5 secondes’ wherein they had to articulate five greetings in five seconds. They developed their social and communication skills by communicating the same to their peers and the facilitator. They were extremely enthusiastic and excited to learn the intricacies of a new language.


Students learned about the letters in Spanish and were enlightened about the sounds and words associated with each one. They watched a video based on letters to better learn how they were pronounced. 

Students also took part in an activity in class which helped them to recall the letters and spellings in Spanish.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vudw7GtB034 (letters in Spanish)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD9ULInjZTs (letters in Spanish)


This week celebrated the birthday of one of the bestselling fiction authors of all times – Enid Blyton, who as per UNESCO, is the most translated children’s author in the world, having sold more than 600 million books.

The children were given a brief introduction about the author and the popular series written by her – Noddy, Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Amelia Jane, Malory Towers and The Faraway Tree. A few children also borrowed books from her collection.


The students were looking forward to begin lessons in the water and were excited to participate in activities planned for them. They practiced bubbling, breath control under water and confidently self submerged themselves. They showed determination and enthusiasm while practicing front and back floats, deep pool submersions, kicking moves and safety swims. They also practiced lengthwise swimming for the upcoming Inter House Swimming Competition.


Students commenced their art lesson by framing their Essential Agreements and by learning about the meanings of terms like integration, responding, art appreciation and so on. Later the students created a composition ‘the best memory of my summer vacations’ and shared their reflections with each other.


Dance lessons were focused on the development of posture wherein the students practiced back walk over. A new dance routine was also introduced to them.


Students learned about note value and also learned a new song called ‘You’ve Got a Friend in me’.https://youtu.be/EcXURC_nNhc

Social Emotional Learning

Facial expressions and body language were the main focus areas of the first Social and Emotional Learning class that saw young learners enact various emotions in front of their peers. Laughter and learning combined in this interesting activity as students became familiar with feelings being enacted.
In the next session the children were given booklets made of recycled paper which had three blank faces on them. After listening to various situations, the students had to identify and draw emotions showcased in the story on their booklet.


The week began with a discussion on Essential Agreements aiming towards building a productive class. Each student had a unique perspective of the challenges that they have faced in the past year and provided possible solutions for them in order to improve the classroom environment.

Students were introduced to Minecraft to enhance their creativity, problem-solving, self-direction and collaboration skills. They learned the required movements, breaking and placing of blocks, sneaking and control of the mouse 

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